Best Approach of Dressing for an Interview

         An interview is not a place to explore only the educational skills; it is a place to attract the interviewers by our way of dressing .Some interviewers concentrate more in the code of dressing. Formal dressing code is most suitable for an interview.  It should convey your level of confidence and professionalism.  Dressing in a nice manner is very important. Your way of dressing should tell the manager that you are best suitable for that job.

         Dressing Convention - A key to success:

         For Men:

                  Some of the etiquette to be followed is:

§ Should wear a proper suit and tie; than wearing a jeans and t-shirt is a usual manner.

§ Color is most important. You can wear a light navy blue, white, gray or some light color suit that matches you. It makes a good impression about you for the interviewer. it is better to avoid dark color dresses

§ Nails are to be properly trimmed.

§ Wear well polished and cleaned shoes that match up with your suit. Its better to wear the shoes in the same color of the belt.

§ Wear dark color socks.

§ Try to avoid using fragrance things. By using it, interviewers may get head-ache at the end of the day.

§ Don’t wear unusual dress like dhotis and etc.,

§ Keep a professional hair style.

§ Don’t wear dresses that are not suited for you.

§ Wear a watch which matched your suits.

§ Use a comfortable brief case to carry your things.

         For Women:

§ Wear a two piece dress. The length of the skirt must be below the knee not above it: so only you can sit comfortably.

§ Color of the dress may be dark red, gray, navy blue or black.

§ It is better to wear closed shoes with a mid heel. It shows that you are a work minded people.

§ Used to wear limited amount of jewelry.

§ Take a small purse or portfolio to carry your things and papers.

§ Nails are to be colored as per our skin color.

§ Moderate amount of make-up is enough.

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