• Frank34.5

    Site redo?

    July 4, 2010 by Frank34.5

    I might consider to do a site redo. The last time it was updated was back in 2007. I will need people to start redoing the site (like the main page, forums, etc.)

    I added the Forums feature. Since this wiki was made back in 2005, forums support wasn't there. I added the forums partially, so if you create a new forum, it may be buggy, so I'm working on that.

    Assigned to: Me! (Frank34.5)

    I made the basic infobox template that came from some other existing Wikia site. So if you need an infobox, it's now here.

    I just changed the theme to a more better one. Not too boring.

    You can visit our IRC chat on channel #toronto-wiki at port 6667. Or you can go use instead if you do not have an IRC client.

    There isn't any real contr…

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  • Frank34.5

    I was informed by Wikia that we have a new feature: Blogs! Write about anything that is related to Toronto or even the whole GTA!

    A: Anything that is "Toronto-ish" or:

    • GTA-related
    • Activities in Toronto
    • Attractions
    • more...

    That's all! Have a great time!

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