Here is a great opportunity to bring our message to the city! Join us and help distribute 6,000 flyers telling city people why the government’s energy policy is not working and is harmful to our economy, our residents and our wildlife.

Your presence in Toronto will tell the media that Government subsidies to wind energy producers are bankrupting our economy; why wind turbines are a huge scam; how wind energy produces more CO2; that Ministry of Natural Resources overall benefit permits are allowing developers to “destroy the habitat of endangered species”; and that we’re tired of the incompetence, the lack of respect, the dishonest replies to our questions; the cover-ups, the cronyism, the duplicity, the e-Health scandal, the Ornge scandal, the gas plant scandal and lies about its cost, the HST on our hydro and fuel bills, the unacceptable legislation hidden in omnibus budget bills, the arrogance of ministers in ignoring correspondence from citizens-- and all the rest!

Our message to Premier Wynne and Energy Minister Chiarelli:

There is no rational basis for adding more wind generators to the Ontario electrical system: they will threaten grid stability, make electricity unaffordable, increase CO2 emissions and increase the harm already being done to citizens, communities, significant wildlife habitats and the Ontario economy.

Make sure your community is well represented in Toronto this Wednesday April 3. This is a big chance to let the media see we are willing to take the trouble to come down to the city to deliver our message and that we have not gone away since last year!

'FIT FORUM PROTEST on WED, APRIL 3RD, at 11:30 a.m. at Simcoe Park on Front

Street, beside the CBC building and opposite the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.


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