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This is a list of media outlets in Toronto.

Daily Newspapers in EnglishEdit

Daily Newspapers in Other LanguagesEdit

Daily Commuter PapersEdit

  • Metro - Formerly Metro Today, an amalgamation of Metro and GTA Today
  • 24 Hours
  • t.o.night - Free evening newspaper
  • DOSE- painfully with-it technicolor daily targetting twentysomethings

Alternative NewspapersEdit

Community NewspapersEdit

[Top Choice Magazine](

City WebsitesEdit

TV StationEdit

OTA Channel Cable Channel Call Sign Network Other Notes
79 15 CITY Citytv

For cable channels, see Rogers Cable lineup in Toronto.


FM StationsEdit

AM StationsEdit

National MediaEdit

Many of Canada's national media outlets also have operations based in Toronto.


Related InformationEdit

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