ABC Residents' Association ABC. Covers most of Yorkville.

Avenue Road - Eglinton Community Association ARECA

Bayview Village Association BVA

Cabbage Town South

Centennial Community & Recreation Association CCRA

Curran Hall Community Association

Connaught / Lonsmount Area Ratepayers Association CLARA

Coronation Community Association CCA

Davenport Neighbourhood Association DNA

Federation of Urban Neighbourhoods FUN

Guildwood Village Community Association GVCA

Henry Farm Community Association HFCIA

High Park Residents' Association HPRA

King Spadina Residents Association KSRA

Kingsway Park Ratespayers Inc. KPRI

Leaside Property Owners' Association LPOA

Lawrence Park Ratepayers' Association LPRA

Legacy Community Ratepayers’ Association LCRA

Liberty Village Residents' Association LVRA

Lytton Park Residents' Organization LPRO

Manse Valley Community Association MVCA

Markland Wood Markland Homes Association MHA

New Toronto Good Neighbours

North Rosedale Ratepayer's Association NRRA

Oak Park Residents' Association OPRA

Richview Ratepayers Association RRA

Roncesvalles-Macdonell Residents' Association RMRA

Rouge Fairways Resident's Association

Rouge Wood North Residents' Association RWNRA

Scarborough Communities Association SCA

Sheppard-Leslie Homeowners Association SLHA

Silverview Community Association SCA

South Eglinton Ratepayers' and Residents' Association SERRA

South Rosedale Ratepayers' Association SRRA

Swansea Area Ratepayer's Association - SARA

The Annex Residents' Association ARA.

West Hill

West Lansing Homeowners Association WLHA

West Rouge Community Association WRCA

Weston Ratepayers and Residents Association WRRA

Village at York Residents Association VAYRA

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