I might consider to do a site redo. The last time it was updated was back in 2007. I will need people to start redoing the site (like the main page, forums, etc.)

What I already done

Forums (partially implemented)

I added the Forums feature. Since this wiki was made back in 2005, forums support wasn't there. I added the forums partially, so if you create a new forum, it may be buggy, so I'm working on that.

Assigned to: Me! (Frank34.5)


I made the basic infobox template that came from some other existing Wikia site. So if you need an infobox, it's now here.


I just changed the theme to a more better one. Not too boring.

IRC Chat

You can visit our IRC chat on channel #toronto-wiki at port 6667. Or you can go use instead if you do not have an IRC client.

What needs to be done

Get more users!!!

There isn't any real contributor to this site other than me. Many Wikia community members edited this site, but we need a community for this site. If you are browsing through this site, get going! Make an edit and continue editing the site.

Main Page?

The main page doesn't look too happy in its current state. In progress.

You are welcome to help out in any of these situations we need to address.

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